Invertebrates and Reef Scenes

Invertebrate images are divided into 8 separate portfolios. Each of these portfolios groups species that are taxonomically (genetically) related to each other or that are physically similar in appearance. Reef scenes are included in a separate portfolio. The table below lists the categories (we use categories because the classification is not strictly taxonomic, although categories are generally a single Class, Order or Family of species) of species included in each of our portfolios. Click on the Portfolio link to view the images in the relevant portfolio. Each portfolio contains a number of pages of thumbnail images each linked to a larger image and image identification data page.

If you are interested in a particular species, you can use our search page where you can search either this web site or our image database by such parameters as category (see list below), common name, species name, and location. The web site contains only a fraction of our images.

SPECIES IDENTIFICATIONS: Please note that all species identifications are tentative. Many species cannot be reliably identified from images alone (especially for invertebrates). Where we are more unsure of a specific identification we have included one or more ?'s with the common or species name. If you believe an image is misidentified, or if you believe you know the identity of a species that we list as unidentified, please contact us so we can update our database.

Portfolios (Categories in portfolio)

Anemones and relatives, Hydroids, Jellyfish

Or go to 1st page of Anemones | Cerianthids | Corallimorphs | Ctenophores | Hydroids | Jellyfish | Zooanthids

Sea Stars, Sea Urchins, Sea Cucumbers, Crinoids, Brittlestars

Or go to 1st page of Brittlestars | Crinoids | Sea Cucumbers | Sea Stars | Sea Urchins

Mollusks (Shells, Nudibranchs, Chitons)

Or go to 1st page of Bivalve mollusks | Gastropod mollusks | Nudibranchs

Shrimp, Crabs, Barnacles

Or go to 1st page of Amphipods | Barnacles | Copepods | Crabs | Isopods | Mantis shrimp | Lobsters | Pycnogonids | Shrimps


Or go to 1st page of Black corals | Fire corals | Hard corals | Lace corals | Sea fans | Sea pens | Soft corals

Sponges, Tunicates, Algae, Bryozoans

Or go to 1st page of Algae | Bryozoans | Foraminifera | Salps | Sponges | Tunicates

Squid, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Nautilus

Or go to 1st page of Cuttlefish | Nautilus | Octopus | Pygmy squids | Squids


Or go to 1st page of Bristle or Fire worms | Echiurid worms | Flatworms | Phoronid worms | Quill worms | Ribbon worms | Scale worms | Spionid worms | Terebellid worms | Tubeworms

Reef Scenes

Reef scenes without diver, Reef scenes with divers or divers, Miscellaneous