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All photographs and text appearing in the Reef Images web site are the exclusive property of Doug Segar and Elaine Stamman Segar. All photographs and videos in the Reef Images web site are copyright protected. The photographs and videos may not be reproduced, copied, stored, manipulated, republished electronically or in print without the written permission of Doug Segar or Elaine Stamman Segar. NO images on the Reef Images web site are within the Public Domain. Use of any image as the basis for another photographic concept or illustration is also a violation of United States and International Copyright Law (see PLEASE NOTE: All images and videos on this site are registered at the U.S. Copyright Office. What does this mean? If you use these images without permission, our attorneys can sue you for a reasonable permission fee, AND for any legal costs AND for punitive damages.

Welcome to Reef Images.   Presenting almost 5,000 images of marine species in their natural habitat.

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All images on this site were taken by Doug or Elaine (About the photographers) in a variety of locations mostly in the southwest and west-central Pacific Ocean, an area marine biologists often called Micronesia because the species assemblages are similar in most of the area. Some images were also taken in the Red Sea. Photographic equipment and image handling equipment and procedures are described on our equipment page.

Doug and Elaine published a textbook "Introduction to Ocean Sciences". The book includes many of our images and provides a comprehensive introduction to our knowledge of the oceans. The book can serve as a reference or to learn about about the physical, chemical, geological and biological processes in the oceans that are the foundation upon which the marine life shown in our images is based. Click on the image of the book cover to learn more about the textbook and about the Introduction to the Marine Environment course that Doug teaches online using this text.

Images are arranged in portfolios and slide shows. The portfolios represent groups of species related taxonomically (biological classification) or by similarities in physical appearance. Portfolios are separated into two groups: "Fishes" (includes reptiles) and, "Invertebrates/Scenes" (includes plants).Portfolios can be used as an aid to reef creature identification. Sideshows present a range of what we consider to be our best or most interesting images from a particular location or divesite. All (or almost all) images that appear in the slide shows are also included in the Fishes or Invertebrates/Scenes portfolios.The slide shows of specific dive locations in the Pacific and Red Sea can be accessed through the Locations link. Also, see our photo essay on camouflage .

All of our images are available for reproduction in publications or for other uses, subject to a purchase or permission fee appropriate to the specific use. Images may be supplied as duplicate slides, computer scans at various resolutions, originals which are to be returned to us, or as display quality prints of various sizes. For computer scans and prints, electronic cleanup of the image may be requested and will be performed at cost. For all images, we can provide information including the specific site where and date when the image was taken. For most images, we can also provide information on the characteristics of the habitat at the site and general information about the biology and ecology of the species shown in the image.

You may search for images on this web site through our Search Page. However, only a fraction of our image collection is available on the site. If you are looking for an image that you cannot find on the site, please contact us.

Please note that a few of the images in our species portfolios are the only image we have of a particular species (or one of the species life stages, sexes, or other variations). In some such instances, the quality of the image may be poor relative to what we would normally accept.


At the top of each page are the following link buttons:

The Reefimages Home button always brings you back right here.

The Fishes button takes you to the opening page of our portfolios of fishes and reptiles.

The Invertebrates/Scenes button takes you to the opening page of our portfolios of invertebrates and reef scenes.

The Locations/Slide Shows button takes you to the part of our site where you can find information and slide shows from our favorite dive areas.

The Video Clips button takes you to the part of our site where you can see video clips that illustrate various aspects the adaptations and behaviors of certain tropical marine species.

The Search Reefimages button takes you to the page from which you can search our site or our image database.

The Purchase button takes you to the page that details our sales and copyright policy.

The Contact Us button takes you to a page from which you may contact us about using our images or comment on our web site.

From any of our portfolio thumbnail pages you may view a larger version of the image and more image information, including the species name, by clicking on the thumbnail image. There are also a series of link buttons at the bottom of each thumbnail page and each larger image page that enable you to navigate within a portfolio.

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