Textbook Cover

Introduction to Ocean Science

3rd edition (ver 3.25)

ISBN: 978-0-9857859-0-1

The 3rd edition of Introduction to Ocean Sciences is an open source textbook that is free for anyone to download, read and print for personal use only (Donations are welcome - scroll down to find how). Currently the textbook is available only as a pdf file that can be read and printed using any Adobe or other pdf software viewer. Read below for planned future enhancements.

Last update April 4, 2017 (Ver 3.25). --- Please clear your browser cache to ensure download of most recent versions.

The fourth edition of the textbook will be published in mid to late 2017



Because the complete book file is large, individual chapters are also available as pdf files through the following links.

Please contact the author through this link if you find misspellings or other errors in the textbook or if you think there is something that needs to be added. Because the text is completely electronic corrections and additions based on any new studies can be made available immediately.


If you wish to adopt this textbook for a course, we can support you with an instructor's manual, full test bank, and power point presentations. Please contact us through the button at the top of this page and we will let you know how you can verify your status as an adopting instructor.


The following are some of the enhancements that we plan to have available when time allows

  • Interactive pdf with each bold glossary term linked to a pop-up definition box
  • Conversion of some multi-image figures to inline slide shows to allow viewing of higher resolution images and addition of more images
  • Embedded and linked video files.
  • Mobile compliant eBook version.

This textbook was entirely produced by the author and made available as an open source textbook to avoid the high costs associated with commercial publishing. The textbook would sell through a publisher for over $150 of which the author would receive only about 10%.

The costs of producing the text and keeping it current are entirely borne by the author. There is absolutely no obligation for anyone to pay anything for this text but, if you find the text valuable and choose to, you may donate a few dollars (or even just one dollar if that is all you can afford) toward future enhancements of the text through the donate link below.